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Palm Beach Driving Club Reaches Exciting Partnership With OpenTrack

JUPITER, Fla. – Palm Beach Driving Club at Palm Beach International Raceway is proud to announce a new partnership with OpenTrack, the premier insurance company for high performance driving environments.

OpenTrack offer’s insurance coverage for track days, providing a service for your car and your actions. The company provides single-event to 365-day coverage on any non-competition track day events. Track insurance covers Physical Damage Protection and Liability Protection.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Palm Beach Driving Club! Our primary goal at OpenTrack is to help drivers better enjoy their passion of driving on track and this partnership is a natural and obvious fit,” said OpenTrack Founder & CEO Ben Phillips. “We are excited to keep growing this community together and to help drivers feel faster, safer, and more confident on track!”

Coverage with OpenTrack could offer a variety of benefits, including over $500k of coverage, flexible monthly or annual payment options, and a full year of continuous coverage. Other benefits can include webinars and training programs. With the Annual Unlimited program, you can get one-on-one coaching with pro driver and coach Andy Lee. All benefits will be provided with no additional cost.

For more information on OpenTrack, please check out their website. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of Palm Beach Driving Club or would like to request more information, please contact the Director of the Palm Beach Driving Club, Paul Jones. You can also visit our website.